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We are a boutique real estate outfit that specialises on clients’ satisfaction by giving you best deal for your money. We can either help you buy or sell property. If all you need is rentage, we’ll get you best value that matches your budget as well.

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  • Our Services go beyond just providing safe, serene and beautiful exclusive house. As an extended service, we also provide house packages that give you access to an array of house designs, suited to a variety of lot sizes and unique family needs

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“As for the heavens, they belong to Jehovah, but the earth he has given to the sons of men” – Psalms 115:16

Property is classified as one of the non-financial assets to invest in, but the house you live in for self-consumption is not a direct investment. Houses for self-consumption serves to save future costs of renting, and further provides stability and a sense of security. The site where your house is built upon can also enjoy appreciation. Where you do not intent to live it, purchasing a second property can be your investment.  

Because property in itself is highly illiquid, the best way to make an investment of it is to acquire it with a view of providing shelter for rentals. Property is needed as shelter for many things: as shelter for living, as places of work, leisure and education, and as a base for many other services that sustain modern society. Therefore, investment in property with the intent to reap the two essential returns of Rentals and Capital Appreciation is the BEST way to go!



  1. It is a Tangible Asset: Property is perceptible by touch and the other senses of sight. A tangible value is quantifiable and measurable; for example: increased sales, reduced operating costs and reduced interest costs (coursehero.com). It is not for nothing that Property is referred to as real estate. Investing in Property goes beyond the profits, even though it is what we seek when we invest. Property involves not just the economics or profits of it, but also the cultural, physical, environmental and social. Therefore, by investing in property, you are partaking of a chance to contribute tangibly to the environment – for good or for bad; you are contributing to a chance to care for the gift of earth to us; and you are also partaking of a chance to experience and share empathy; and be human(e).


Property as a tangible asset has a regular supply and demand value to it even in times of recession and where prices drop. This makes it a stable investment with a regular supply and demand value to it, because it never goes out of demand.


  1. It is a Reliable and Secure Asset: Generations of individuals, families, governments and businesses have invested in property as an asset. Property investment has been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. It is not new-age esoteric digital type of investment but a reliable investment at its core. Moreover, it is possible to start property investment from zero experience and an absolutely empty portfolio to growing and diversifying your already existing property portfolio. The security of property investment is guaranteed once you undertake the right due diligence within the proper legal framework before making your investment. As a secure tangible asset that is of its nature hard to steal, you can have a truly secure investment to your name.


3. It is Scalable: A scalable business has been defined by Forbes as having “the potential to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost”. In a similar way, property investment is an investment that can grow rapidly over time with a decrease in variable cost, leading to massive profits or a fortune. As an investor, you can fit it into any size of your preference. This means that you can start with one property and give it a proper management, or buy 2, 3, 10 or 100 properties and still be hands off it on management, because there are systems that allow you manage your property investment(s) over a period of time without having to be hands-on day by day.

The purpose of every investment is to build wealth. Investments provide us the financial security and improve our life style currently and beyond the active working years.  Investing ensures present and future long-term financial security. The return on investment is the reward to an investor. For more information on securing the best property investment for profitable returns, see …


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