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We are a boutique real estate outfit that specialises on clients’ satisfaction by giving you best deal for your money. We can either help you buy or sell property. If all you need is rentage, we’ll get you best value that matches your budget as well.

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  • “Looking for a landed property in Lagos can be a daunting experience unless you are guided by professional and reputable experts. From ‘omoniles’, self-acclaimed property urchins, to diverse family land owners, your struggle to find a good property ,free from acquisition, is just only beginning. That’s why when Opaaje Intercontinental Homes came to my aid, I couldn’t have found a better partner in this journey. They made my property search seamless. I was able to get landed property in choicest part of Lagos, free from acquisition, even with a C of O! Better still, I got flexible payment plans that fit into my budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Opaaje Intercontinental Homes for your property needs in Lagos and its environs.”
    – Clement O.

    Clement O.

    Sport Photographer
  • “The company has highly dedicated team of personnel who are ever ready to go the extra mile to ensure customer’s comfort and satisfaction.” – Anyanaechi Val.

    Anyanaechi Val

    Training Executive
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I am a versatile Realtor, Attorney and Freelance Writer from one of the biggest countries in Africa. I am fascinated by Real Estate, how it has consistently proven to be a wealth-generator for individuals, families and communities. I am also excited by how land/real estate can be utilized to ensure sustainability of earth’s resources.

 Inasmuch as I am passionate about real estate, I am also aware of the temptation to turn all empty space into profit. If not managed properly, this tendency may impact the environment negatively. This is why I am a strong advocate of sustainability in real estate. As real estate developers and individual builders take to the market more and more, the development  process can be more wholesome and encompassing: economically, physically, socially, culturally and environmentally. Balance is key.

Just as this website portrays, I am actively involved in the real estate transactional and legal business. In the same vein, I write content for real estate. I will tap into my versatility, knowledge and experience of real estate as well as relevant research and studies to help create engaging content for your readers. If you would like to work with me, you can head over to my ‘Hire Me’ page to see which of my services is right for you.