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We are a boutique real estate outfit that specialises on clients’ satisfaction by giving you best deal for your money. We can either help you buy or sell property. If all you need is rentage, we’ll get you best value that matches your budget as well.

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  • “Looking for a landed property in Lagos can be a daunting experience unless you are guided by professional and reputable experts. From ‘omoniles’, self-acclaimed property urchins, to diverse family land owners, your struggle to find a good property ,free from acquisition, is just only beginning. That’s why when Opaaje Intercontinental Homes came to my aid, I couldn’t have found a better partner in this journey. They made my property search seamless. I was able to get landed property in choicest part of Lagos, free from acquisition, even with a C of O! Better still, I got flexible payment plans that fit into my budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Opaaje Intercontinental Homes for your property needs in Lagos and its environs.”
    – Clement O.

    Clement O.

    Sport Photographer
  • “The company has highly dedicated team of personnel who are ever ready to go the extra mile to ensure customer’s comfort and satisfaction.” – Anyanaechi Val.

    Anyanaechi Val

    Training Executive
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Newsletter Writing: Email marketing has consistently proven to be one of the leading strategies to create conversion and generate revenue consistently for a brand or business. If you want to tap into this rich resource, then our Newsletter Writing services is indispensable to you. Have you ever taken care to know why you will open some emails – even against your wish – and some sit in your inbox, dull after dull entrance without ever being opened? Creating trust, content, excitability (no please, nothing explicit), and revenue through Newsletter Writing for your business/brand is our forte!

Blogging Service: Through the Blogging services we offer, we will help you to effectively connect regularly with a large number of potential clients or prospects around the world. We will help uncover your corporation, business or brand to the world to get your desired result in the most relatable and response-inducing way possible. We will help you create a compelling blog series to keep people returning to your brand or business. Plus add some humour as spice!

Ghostwriting Services: We offer professional business Ghostwriting services. The essence of this service is to author a business book or copy which you will be credited. Our services include writing a sparkling new or updated copy for a website, to create an ad, or any other professional writing copy for your brand/business.


Whilst it is true that the acquisition of property is an incredible route to financial wealth, we also help to place you on the fast route to generating income and

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Documentation of your investment is the key proof of ownership and in ensuring our clients’ satisfaction, we take the issue of proper evidentiary and legal documentation personal – and to the letter.

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Property Allocation is the physical allotment of your share on land you have purchased or the exercising of your possessory rights over your purchased share of land. At Opaaje Intercontinental Homes, we

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We go the lengths for you in sourcing for property best suited to your needs and budget with respect to what is most profitable for you in terms of fit, functionality and purpose.

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Our concern for the safety of your investments is so vital to us that we take the process of Due Diligence as one of the hallmark of our services. In fact,

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In making make sure of which out of the plethora of investment types is for you, calculating the operating expenses, determining your returns, and even saving

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